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A minimalist and easy to use download manager for Mac OS X that can split a certain task into multiple connections and greatly reduce the transfer time.

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When you download a file via your web browser, the application establishes a single connection to the server, per file. This means that the transfer speed is subjected to the limitations imposed by the server or by your internet provider regarding the bandwidth allocated for each connection.

Unfortunately, this translates into a longer time period required to complete a specific download, even if your bandwidth is not used by other services. Fat Pipe is a Mac app that can fix that by splitting the file into multiple chucks that will be downloaded separately, hence employing more than one server connection.

Intuitive download manager that can quickly integrate within your browser

Fat Pipe's user interface is represented by a clean main window where you can quickly add new downloads, pause / delete / resume specific entries (via the contextual menu), or clear the ones that have completed from the list.

In addition, Fat Pipe also offers you the possibility to deploy companion extensions to your Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari web browser in order to streamline the download addition process. Note that installing the add-ons is completely optional.

Effortlessly customize the way in which your downloads are handled

Via the Fat Pipe Preferences window, you can easily setup the default download folder, the maximum number of parallel downloads, and the maximum number of connections per download. Keep in mind that, if you are using a large number of connections, you might encounter issues if you try to use your internet connection while the files are downloaded.

Further customization options include the possibility to setup filters for the output location according to the file type, and that you can define user accounts to be used with specific servers.

Simple yet efficient download manager that can significantly reduce the transfer time

Fat Pipe is a great tool to have around if you need to download large files a lot faster: the utility splits the task into multiple chucks, which are downloaded separately. However, keep in mind that an excessive number of connections per download, especially when transferring multiple files from the same server, might end up stalling the process.

Fat Pipe was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 13th, 2015
Fat Pipe - In the FatPipe main window you can easily add new downloads and monitor their progress.Fat PipeFat Pipe - Via the FatPipe Help menu you can easily install Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari extensions to streamline your workflow.Fat Pipe - in the FatPipe Preferences window you get to change the default download location, the notification sound, and so on.Fat PipeFat Pipe

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