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Straightforward and drag and drop based OS X utility that makes it very quick and easy to send files and folders to multiple destinations across your network

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Sending files between computers on a network is something that many users have to do on a daily basis. Applications designed to help you transfer data between multiple computers usually have an over-crowded interface which will take a lot of time to get used to.

Unlike many apps of its type, DropCopy Pro is a minimal and user-friendly OS X utility which will allow you to send as many files as you want at a time with a simple flick of your mouse.

Simplifies and speeds up the process of sharing files over the local network via a drag and drop based workflow

Thus, once you select the files and folders that you need to send to another Mac or iOS device on your local network, you just drag and drop them onto the DropZone, a circle designed to act as an automated transfer trigger.

The DropCopy Pro app allows you to associate as many network locations as you want to the DropZone, which means that, once you drag your files onto its circle, the will be send to all locations at once. That being so, you no longer have to fiddle around with file servers, web servers or FTP servers of any kind.

Makes it easy to send your files via the context menu

Moreover, each location you add has its own contextual menu which, when summoned with a right-click, will allow you to get the destination’s clipboard, send your pasteboard to the destination machine or send a custom text message of your choice.

In addition, if you want to add DropCopy Pro enabled locations on your network by hand, you can also use the “Rescan for Destinations” entry in the status bar menu to let the app automatically discover all compatible devices on your network for you.

Inbuilt Wake-on-LAN functionality for waking any computer up before sending files over the network

DropCopy Pro also comes with a Wake-on-LAN feature that will help you to rapidly and effortlessly wake up any sleeping Macs or iOS devices on your LAN, when you need to send or retrieve data.

On the whole, DropCopy Pro is a highly intuitive and easy to use utility that can be used as a successful replacement for OS X’s AirDrop feature.

DropCopy Pro was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on June 9th, 2015
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