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An easy to use Firefox and SeaMonkey add-on that integrates with the Mozilla applications and helps you manage and accelerate your downloads.

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DownThemAll! is a web browser add-on that integrates with your Firefox and SeaMonkey application and offers you the possibility to effortlessly manage your downloads. The extension also includes an accelerator that aims at improving the download speed with 400%.

Unobtrusive download manager add-on for Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey

Upon installation, the DownThemAll! add-on can be accessed via the contextual menu, or through the Firefox Tools menu. In addition, when downloading a package, you will have the option to quickly direct it to the DownThemAll! accelerator.

Noteworthy is that DownThemAll! can quickly identify all the downloadable items included in a webpage, and enables you to batch send them to the download manager. However, the extension also enables you to sort them by type, or to apply your own custom filters: this way, the processing time is greatly reduced.

What’s more, the dTA OneClick function enables you to quickly download all the files from a page while applying the latest used filters, together with the last renaming pattern. Lastly, via the DownThemAll! download manager, you can easily pause and resume the transfer, or you can rearrange the files according to the priority level.

Powerful browser add-on that can handle your downloads on its own

Within the DownThemAll! Preferences window, you can easily customize the download manager behavior: according to your settings, the extension is able to handle certain situations on its own. In addition, you can establish the number of possible concurrent downloads, the number of downloads per server, and the maximum number of segments per download: this can greatly influence the download speed.

To conclude, the DownThemAll! can enhance your browser’s capabilities when it comes to handling downloads in three respects: the built-in accelerometer improves the speed, the manager enables you to handle a large number of files in no time, while the automatization options can eliminate dealing with repetitive tasks.

DownThemAll! was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on January 21st, 2015

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