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Dolby Axon is a handy voice chat application that features surround sound and is suitable for gamers.

Dolby Axon brings a new dimension to synchronizing with your squad. Dolby Axon features an easy to use interface and is free for Mac OS X and Windows.

Dolby Axon lets you plan raids in surround, organize your squad using a visual chat room, change the location of your teammates and even comes with an overlay system that displays who is talking in the chat at any given time.

The application is easy to install and can even be used as an instant messenger, that can be accessed at any time.
Last updated on August 20th, 2013
Dolby Axon - In the Login window users can easily insert their credentials and login the service.Dolby Axon - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to add and manage friends.Dolby Axon - From the View menu you can hide offline or blocked users as well as display user names.Dolby AxonDolby AxonDolby AxonDolby AxonDolby AxonDolby AxonDolby AxonDolby AxonDolby Axon

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A very powerful and easy to use voice chat application designed specifically for gamers that need to speak with teammates while playing


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