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Design personalized newsletters for your e-mail marketing campaign, send them to numerous contacts and track their results, with this comprehensive app

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Online mass marketing campaigns can help you popularize your products or spread the word about certain events. Designing them and determining their effectiveness is another matter entirely, as all you can usually do is click ‘Send’ and hope for the best.

That is not the case with Direct Mail, a powerful application that can help you throughout every step of your project. You can use it to design newsletters, preview them on various devices and e-mail clients, manage your contacts and verify your campaign’s results.

Bundled with a host of templates suitable for just about every purpose

Acquiring a mailing list is easy enough, but designing your newsletters, announcements or promotions in such a way as to attract the most attention is a bit more difficult. Direct Mail comes equipped with numerous templates, specially created for certain types of e-mails.

You can customize them to your heart’s content, but they are much more likely to be read if you also include mail-merge tags, which automatically insert data from each recipient into the message.

Check if your e-mail is properly laid-out and ensure it will not be marked as spam

Your newsletter may look good in Direct Mail, but this may not be the case if the recipient opens it with another e-mail client. To prevent such issues, this app can show you how the design looks like in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and many others. Be advised though that a fee is required for the complete design test.

We all hate spam, so you should probably make sure your own e-mail is not marked as such. This application can perform various checks to assess the risk level and provide suggestions.

Verify the success of your marketing campaign by viewing detailed statistics

Your message may be perfectly designed and still not be appreciated by the recipients. Direct Mail displays a report that lets you know how many people opened the message, clicked the provided link, unsubscribed from your service or even marked the e-mail as spam.

Overall, this is a comprehensive application that offers a broad range of functions and can help you manage your marketing campaigns from the initial idea to the analysis of the results.

Direct Mail was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
Direct Mail - Direct Mail is a helpful tool if you need to design and send newsletters to a large number of recipients.Direct Mail - You can insert mail merge tags to personalize the newsletter's content based on its recipient, increasing the chances of it being read.Direct Mail - Direct Mail allows you to manage a large address book and mark contacts as 'Unsubscribed' or 'Hard Bounced'.Direct Mail - screenshot #4Direct Mail - screenshot #5Direct Mail - screenshot #6Direct Mail - screenshot #7Direct Mail - screenshot #8Direct Mail - screenshot #9Direct Mail - screenshot #10Direct Mail - screenshot #11Direct Mail - screenshot #12Direct Mail - screenshot #13Direct Mail - screenshot #14Direct Mail - screenshot #15Direct Mail - screenshot #16

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