Deliver Express for Mac

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A hot folder based version of Deliver





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Deliver Express automates file delivery with hot folder processing. Suitable for single user and as a company-wide server solution.

Deliver Express can be used as both desktop and server solution. The price will be based on number of allowed destinations.

As a company-wide solution, it can be run on a dedicated station with network based hot folders.
Last updated on May 13th, 2015
Deliver Express - For each destination added using the Destination panel, you can customize the location and the file delivery options.Deliver Express - Using the Destination Type drop-down menu you can quickly choose if you want Deliver Express to send your files to a local folder or to transfer them to an Internet location using various transfer protocols.Deliver Express - From the E-mail tab you can choose which e-mail contacts should receive your files and the e-mail template to be used when contacting them.Deliver ExpressDeliver ExpressDeliver ExpressDeliver ExpressDeliver ExpressDeliver Express

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