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A slick and multi-featured personal data assistant designed to provide various tools that make your online navigation and transactions as easy and secure as possible

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Using strong passwords and creating a different passkey for each account are basic security precautions for keeping your data safe. However, managing all this data can prove to be fairly challenging.

Dashlane is a powerful Mac OS X application designed to help you store your passwords in a secure digital wallet that is encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm, and enables you to automatically login to your accounts while staying safe.

Effortless to install and setup digital wallet designed to store accounts details, receipts, credit card data, and more

To be able to use Dashlane, you must start by setting up an account, free of charge, within the application. The Dashlane developers will then send a security code to your email address that offers you the possibility to authorize your current device to access your Dashlane account.

To help you get started, Dashlane comes with a welcome screen that presents the application and offers you the possibility to integrate the Dashlane extensions within your Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome web browsers (simply uncheck the respective boxes to skip the installation).

Furthermore, Dashlane automatically detects the passwords that are saved within your web browsers and enables you to review and import them to the app’s database: this is very useful because it reduces the database creation time.

Powerful digital wallet application featuring an organized and intuitive design

Dashlane is able to deal with various types of online accounts, allows you to store personal information details (name, email address, phone number, address, and so on), payments and receipts data.

Moreover, Dashlane is able to keep safe your identification information, such as you ID card data, the passport info, your driver’s license, your social security card, or your tax number. The best part is that Dashlane is able to communicate with its mobile counterpart, so you can easily have access to this data while on the go.

Secure solution for storing your important information and quickly access it without too much trouble

To keep everything safe, Dashlane encrypts your data using the AES-256 algorithm and uses an encryption key that is derived from your account’s master password. However, the master password is not recorded in any way, online or offline, so the database can be decrypted only if you know your master password.

Even though by default Dashlane stores your encrypted database in the cloud, allowing you to sync the info between devices, you also have the option to disable the synchronization and keep the data available only locally.

Last but not least, Dashlane offers you the possibility to enable a two-factor authentication process by making use of the Google Authenticator capabilities.

Dashlane was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 24th, 2015
Dashlane - From the Passwords tab users can easily access the saved websites and their passwords.Dashlane - The application also allows you to perform a detailed password analysis for each of the available websites.Dashlane - You can also add and manage your own notes, complete with a name and descriptions.Dashlane - screenshot #4Dashlane - screenshot #5Dashlane - screenshot #6Dashlane - screenshot #7Dashlane - screenshot #8Dashlane - screenshot #9Dashlane - screenshot #10Dashlane - screenshot #11Dashlane - screenshot #12Dashlane - screenshot #13

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