DNSSEC Validator

A streamlined and easy-to-use Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox extension designed to quickly check if the current URL is secured by DNSSEC
DNSSEC Validator - The DNSSEC Validator add-on icons will automatically show you if the current URL is secured by DNSSEC.
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The DNSSEC Validator checks whether the domain name of the web page that you are currently browsing is secured by DNSSEC.

The users can easily visually recognize whether the page was loaded from the authentic server or whether the page could have been spoofed.

DNSSEC Validator gets DNS records for a domain name used in a page address and compares them to IP addresses Firefox used to download the page.

If the records contain DNSSEC signatures which can be validated, the user is protected by DNSSEC. Otherwise the user could have been a victim of DNS spoofing. The result of the comparison is diplayed as green/orange/red key right in the address bar.

DNSSEC Validator uses external library to resolve and validate DNSSEC signatures.

The DNSSEC Validator add-on is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Instructions on how to install and use DNSSEC Validator on your Mac are available on the extension's project page.

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DNSSEC Validator
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2 Screenshots
DNSSEC Validator - In the DNSSEC Validator Preferences window you can easily test the current settings and more.
What's New in version 2.2.0
  • New Features:
  • New js-ctypes-based implementation for Firefox.
  • New validator implementation for Chromium/Chrome/Opera based on Native Messaging.
  • Added new state notification about entering a non-existent (according to DNSSEC) web site.
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