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A Google Chrome based web browser for Mac OS X that tries to improve your experience by providing useful games related capabilities

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Playing games in a web browser can lead to a sum of annoying issues: you cannot login to multiple accounts at the same time, the game speed cannot be adjusted, and you cannot automate repetitive tasks.

Coowon Browser is designed to be a solution for all these problems. Based on Google Chrome, the Coowon Browser intends to incorporates various functions that will certainly improve your experience.

Sync data using your Google account

Coowon Browser offers you the possibility to login to your Google account and sync the browsing history, bookmarks, and other settings to all your devices. This is very useful because you will have to perform the necessary adjustments only once.

Additional navigation functions for improving your experience

The browser comes with a collection of simple but highly effective features designed to help you perform certain tasks faster and in a more intuitive manner. First off, you get to quickly close tabs with a simple double click.

In addition, the Mouse Gestures function allows you to scroll the page up or down, navigate backward or forward, reload the webpage, and much more, by simply performing mouse movements: the right mouse button must be pressed down to enable the feature.

Install Coowon extensions to add extra features

Coowon Browser comes with a couple of already installed Coowon extensions designed to provide access to certain tools specific to the browser. Moreover, you can navigate to the Coowon App Center and install new ones.

However, even if the extensions are installed, their buttons are not placed in the Coowon Browser bar automatically, and there is no option to add them manually. As a result, you cannot access their capabilities.

Unpolished web browser indented for online gamers

Coowon Browser is designed to offer simple but efficient tools for people that are used to play games in their web browser. Unfortunately, the application is not yet polished and you cannot use the additional tools.

Coowon Browser was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 20th, 2014
Coowon Browser - In the Coowon Browser main window you can easily navigate various webpages.Coowon Browser - In the Coowon Browser Extensions panel you can see the Coowon add-ons designed to add various functionalities to your browser.Coowon Browser - In the Coowon Browser Settings panel you can various adjustments in order to protect your privacy.Coowon Browser - screenshot #4

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