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A Web-based calendaring system, allows multiple users to add and edit calendar events using a Web browser.





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Connect Daily is a very useful Web-based calendaring system, allows multiple users to add and edit calendar events using a Web browser.

The calendar display can be directly integrated into your Web site. It provides advanced capabilities for managing resources and facilities. The approval processes allow many users to edit calendars, with the assurance that all items added are approved.

Connect Daily supports event download to MS Outlook and Palm OS PDAs. Export to iCal clients like KOrganizer, Evolution, and Apple iCal is supported. Authentication to LDAP directories is also supported.

Here are some key features of "Connect Daily":

· Day, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Views
Views to meet everyones needs with todays busiest and most complicated schedules.
· Individual & Combined Calendars
Create individual calendars and then combine 2 or more in any combination you need for consolidated event viewing.
· Resource Management
Assign resources as you enter calendar events. Enter unlimited resources & resource types. Connect Daily's Gantt Chart view allows you to quickly see resource conflicts.
· Resource Approvals
Control access to certain resources, prevent double bookings.
· Schedule Set-Up & Tear-Down Times
Setup and Teardown Events allow you to create a duplicate event, alongside your original calendar event. This duplicate event assigns your resources for the period before and after your event but is not publicly visible.
· List Views
Have calendar events, resources, or special types of events listed in order by date, just specify any date range.
· Searches
Search within Connect Daily by calendar, resource or special event type.
· Repeating Events
Enter your recurring events only once. Connect Daily easily handles your exceptions too.
· Email Notifications
Receive email notification when events you are interested in are added or changed.
· Email Reminders
Receive email reminders before an event, you specify when you want to receive them.
· Public Email Notifications & Reminders
Allows public users to subscribe to email notification and reminders.
· Virtual Host Names
Protect the branding of your organization and domain name with a virtual host name (i.e.
· Multi-Level Security
Have public and private calendars; User level security; Group level security; Optionally Require Complex Passwords, Minimum Password Lengths, Account Lockouts, and more.
· Section 508 Compliant
Is compliant with 508 standards.
· LDAP Support
Authenticate against LDAP or MS Active Directory.
· Overlapping Events
Choose to allow or not allow overlapping events.
· Personal Preferences
Choose to show or hide calendar event resources and event start & stop times.
· Exports & Imports
Export calendar events to Excel and MS Outlook; Import iCal format data; Export to MS Outlook & Palm OS PDAs.
· RSS Export
Get event data from your calendar and re-format it for display elsewhere on your web site.
· Time Zone Support
Specify what time zone you reside in, and timed events will automatically be converted to that time zone.
· Calendar Event Attachments
Attach files (photos, documents, etc.) and urls to your events and activities.
· Custom Fields
Create your own custom data input fields. (This feature is available only for the Connect Daily Corporate and Enterprise Packs.
· Multi-Lingual Support
Connect Daily works with your browser to show your prefered language for names of the days of the week, months of the year, starting day of the week, and more, includes double-byte characters. French translation is also available.
· Highly Scalable
Scales to accommodate large numbers of events, resources and users, allowing for the creation of unlimited numbers of public and private event calendars deployed from one web server for use by unlimited users.
· Customizable Appearance
Change and edit Connect Daily's Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to flawlessly incorporate your calendar system into your existing or new web site.
· Easy User Interface
The intuitive interface makes Connect Daily quick & easy to use. Minimal or no training is required to use Connect Daily.
· Cross Platform Performance
Operating Systems: MS Windows Server 2003, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP Professional, AIX, HPUX, FreeBSD, Linux, and MacOS X; (MS Windows 9x and ME not recommended.)
· Software Structure & Design
Connect Daily is Java/SQL Based; Software is dynamic in design, provides a quick response time and is fully WC3 validated.
Last updated on November 17th, 2014

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