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A light, very easy-to-use and practical application that makes it easy for you to quickly and effortlessly share screenshots via Dropbox

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Clipitto is a smooth-running and user-oriented Mac OS X application specially designed to help you upload your screenshots to Dropbox in order to share them more easily.

Simple, clean and discreet utility that makes file and screenshot sharing a breeze

Clipitto runs quietly in the background and it is capable to automatically upload your screenshots to your Dropbox account the second your take the snapshot.

Moreover, the share link is placed into your Mac’s clipboard from where you can share it with your friends or co-workers.

Uploads to a single folder within your Dropbox account

It is worth mentioning that you are required to have a valid Dropbox account and you also need to link Clipitto to your account before taking advantage of the features Clipitto has to offer.

In addition to sharing screenshots, you can use Clipitto to share all sort of files, you just have to drag and drop the file onto Clipitto’s menu bar icon. By accessing Clipitto’s status bar menu, you can recently uploaded items and enable the “Autoupload Screenshots” feature.

The Preferences window enables you to set Clipitto to automatically upload system screenshots for you and even remove them from your Mac’s hard disc, once they are uploaded. On top of that, Clipitto is capable to smartly group links in your clipboard when you upload multiple files one after another.

Automatically groups multiple links for sequential uploads

You also have the option to specify the time span for which Clipitto groups links for the taken and uploaded screenshots or files. Furthermore, Clipitto can be configured to start at login, an option that might prove useful for heavy Dropbox users.

Clipitto seamlessly integrates with Mac OS X and, as a result, you can use the contextual menu or the predefined keyboard shortcut to upload the selected file more easier.

Clipitto was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Clipitto - From Clipitto's status bar menu you can view recently uploaded files and access the preferences window.Clipitto - By accessing the Preferences window, you have the option to configure Clipitto to start at login.

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