Chromium 44.0.2374.0

A cross-platform and open source web browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way to experience the Internet

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Chromium - The right-click Contextual Menu allows you to run various actions related to the selected item.Chromium - The built-in Developer Tools help you to get a closer look at how the currently opened website works.Chromium - The top-right menu button helps you access Chromium's Tools, Bookmarks and Settings menus.ChromiumChromiumChromiumChromiumChromiumChromiumChromium
Chromium is a free, open-source and widely used Internet browser project that numerous web browsers use as a base platform for providing their users with a modern and fast multi-platform Internet browsing interface.

Some of the most popular web browsers that use the Chromium source code as their foundation are Google Chrome, the latest Opera builds, the social-enabled Rockmelt and many others.

Streamlined and fully transparent web browsing experience

Chromium is designed to be a lightweight and fast web browser both in physical and cognitive terms that makes it simple and straightforward to gain full control and benefit of full transparency over all the info received by your web browser from the Internet.

Originally, Chromium was build by Google as the first step in the building of the Google Chrome web browser, but was maintained by other developers thanks to its open-source distribution.

Update automation and security focus

Some of the most important security related features of the Chromium web browser are sandboxing, automatic and simple security updates, and extended SSL support for secure connections to any website on the Internet.

In addition, the open source Chromium web browser also comes with built-in support for the all Google Chrome extensions available through the Google Chrome Web Store.

Frequent updates for continuous improvement and bleeding edge Chrome user experience

As an added bonus, the development team behind the Chromium browser thrives to implement the most innovative and new privacy features, in order to always enhance and keep its privacy capabilities up to date.

Furthermore, if you are a die hard fan of the Google Chrome browser, you should definitely give Chromium a try if you want to be the first to access and use all the new features and tools that will be later implemented in Google Chrome.

Chromium was reviewed by , last updated on April 18th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel only)

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