ChainLadder 0.1.7

An R package providing methods which are typically used in insurance claims reserving
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ChainLadder is a free and open-source R package that provides methods which are typically used in insurance claims reserving.

In addition, ChainLadder offers some utility functions to convert quickly tables into triangles, triangles into tables, cumulative into incremental and incremental into cumulative triangles.

The ChainLadder package also uincludes an example spreadsheet which demonstrates how to use the ChainLadder functions in Excel.

The spreadsheet is located in the Excel folder of the package. The R command system.file("Excel", package="ChainLadder") will tell you the exact path to the directory.

To use the spreadsheet you will need the RExcel-Addin. The package also provides an example SWord file, demonstrating how the the functions of the package can be integrated into a MS Word file via SWord. Again you find the Word file via the command: system.file("SWord", package="ChainLadder").

ChainLadder is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the ChainLadder utility on your Mac are available HERE.


· Go to the "Downloads" tab on this site and download the most recent tar.gz-file (source code) to your hard drive.
· Open a terminal window and navigate to the folder where you saved the tar.gz-file and type: R CMD INSTALL ChainLadder_x.x.x.tar.gz (replace x.x.x with the version number)

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October 5th, 2013, 1:27 GMT
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Markus Gesmann
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What's New in This Release:
  • The glmReserve function currently doesn't allow the parameter var.power to be set to NULL, which would have called the cpglm function of the cplm package. The cplm package is due to dependency issues with lme4 no longer available via CRAN.
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