Bitcasa for Mac

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Infinite cloud storage utility





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Bitcasa is an application that enables you to store your files and folder online.

Moreover, Bitcasa features backup, sync, infinite storage and also includes the ability to access your folders from any supported device.

In addition, Bitcasa encrypts information before uploading it to the cloud, thus providing complete security for your information.

Bitcasa keeps all your data in the cloud, so you can share files with your friends in a matter of seconds.
Last updated on May 16th, 2015
Bitcasa - You can access the main window of Bitcasa from the menu bar.Bitcasa - Here you can create and manage your Bitcasa folders.Bitcasa - You can drag and drop a folder to upload it to Bitcasa.Bitcasa - You can share as many files as you want.Bitcasa - Here you can customize general application settings.Bitcasa - Some more advanced options, like cache management and folder options can be changed in this panel.

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