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Lightweight OS X menulet that makes it possible for you to control a wide variety of web-based media players using your Mac's media keys

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BeardedSpice is an unobtrusive and handy Mac OS X application that offers you control over multiple web-based media players and helps you witch between them with ease.

Intuitive and helpful menu bar controller for users of YouTube, GrooveShark and other similar websites

While using Google Chrome or Safari, BeardedSpice’s helps you to easily and effortlessly control YouTube, HypeMachine, Spotify (Web), Pandora, BandCamp, GrooveShark, SoundCloud,, Google Music and Rdio, among many many other multimedia streaming websites.

According to the developers, other music sharing websites will be added in the future and you can find the list with all supported web based media players on the app's website.

The great thing about BeardedSpice is that you can use your Mac’s media keys to play, pause and jump to the previous or next song in the playlist. On top of that, you can pause a player and start another one without lifting your hands off the keyboard.

Expand BeardedSpice’s support and create your own handlers

Currently, BeardedSpice is compatible with Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome, and it is able to control any tab with a supported media player. More experienced Mac users can write a new handler following the instructions provided on BeardedSpice’s website, if their favorite music sharing website is not yet supported.

From BeardedSpice’s status bar menu, you can view all available players and select the one you want to pause or play using your mouse or the customizable keyboard shortcut. On top of that, you can access the Preferences window and define a new Active Tab key or disable certain handlers.

Enable or disable handlers and change the default hot-key

Consequently, you can select the web players that you want to be controllable via BeardedSpice and uncheck the ones you don’t want to control using the media keys. BeardedSpice is pretty responsive and promptly performs the desired action when a key is pressed.

BeardedSpice was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 14th, 2015
BeardedSpice - From BeardedSpice's status bar menu, you can control various web players with ease.BeardedSpiceBeardedSpice

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