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A handy and reliable add-on for Mozilla Firefox specially made to help you fill out web forms with just a couple of mouse clicks

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Autofill Forms is a self-explanatory Firefox add-on that enables you to fill out web forms with a click of a mouse button or keystroke.

Helps you fill out forms using the provided data

Autofill Forms comes with a user-oriented interface and it is very easy to configure using your data and rules. Thanks to the customizable rule-set you can effortlessly determine the input for each form element.

With the help of the user-friendly rule editor, Autofill Forms allows you to define your own rules for any given website or profile. More experienced users have the option to customize the rule-set using JavaScript regular expressions.

The great thing about Autofill Forms is that you can use with input fields, selections, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons and almost ay valid form field. You can even use multiline input with line break tags and provide input data using special dynamic tags.

Take advantage of the support for multiple profiles

It goes without saying that you can define site specific profiles and rules that can be used to switch between several sets of rules. Moreover, you can define site specific profiles and rules, a fact that enables Autofill Forms to automatically select the best matching profile according to the assigned webpage.

All your website specific or global profiles can be quickly and easily exported or imported. With the help of the context menu you can instantly add new rules or complete forms as profiles.

Assign hotkeys and customize Autofill Forms based on your needs

By accessing the Preferences window, you can customize Autofill Forms’ interface and toggle buttons, icons and menus. At the same time all keyboard shortcuts and mouse buttons can be quickly modified to perform the desired action.

To sum up, Autofill Forms is a light, practical and unobtrusive add-on for Mozilla Firefox that makes it easy for you to fill out web forms.

Autofill Forms was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 24th, 2015
Autofill Forms - You can fill out your web forms by right clicking on the empty form fields and choosing the correct data.Autofill Forms - Here is where you can configure/add your information.Autofill Forms - You can protect your personal information from prying eyes in this tab.

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