Anonymizer for Mac2.1.2

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A lightweight and user-friendly application that enables you to securely browse the web, mask your real IP address and protect your location

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Anonymizer is a low-key and powerful Mac OS X application that provides the required tools to keep your online activity safe, secure and private.

Intuitive interface

Anonymizer comes with a user-oriented interface that you can easily access from it’s status bar icon. Anonymizer is designed to run in the background while your browse the net and work, and does not require any technical knowledge to install and use.

What is more, you can use Anonymizer to connect to the Internet via public Wi-Fi networks without worrying about the security of that transmitted data. Thanks to Anonymizer’s encrypted VPN tunnel you can securely shop online, check your bank accounts and login with your social network accounts.

Data theft protection

All your online activities can leave tracks that contain details about your personal life, such as banking and credit card information, passwords, medical history, private chats and more. By using Anonymizer’s encrypted private network you can prevent any data or identity theft.

User-friendly IP anonymizer

Your devices’ IP can be tracked by criminals, employers, website profiles and even your Internet Service Provider in order to monitor your online activity. Anonymizer is capable to mask your true IP address and hide your activity on the internet by routing all your traffic through an encrypted tunnel to it’s secure servers.

From Anonymizer’s status bar menu you can enable or disable the app, view your current IP address and monitor the connection time. The Settings panel helps you configure Anonymizer to automatically connect to its servers, start at login and display notifications.

Built-in Notification system

Furthermore, Anonymizer allows you to choose between various connection methods, select the desired log level and manually check for updates. On top of that, you can control Anonymizer from within the notification windows that can help you connect or disconnect from Anonymizer’s servers.

Anonymizer was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 21st, 2014
Anonymizer - From Anonymizer's status bar menu you can easily enable or disable the anonymizer and view your new IP address.Anonymizer - The Settings tab helps you logout or quit the application with just a few mouse clicks.Anonymizer - The notification window allows you to connect or disconnect from the server and check your connection time.

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