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Google Chrome extension that was developed in order to help it userstrack manga's updates on a bunch of manga dedicated websites

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All Mangas Reader is a straightforward Google Chrome extension specially designed to help you follow your favorite mangas on a wide variety of websites.

Intuitive Manga monitor

The unobtrusive extension is capable to automatically add mangas to your reading list as you read them on the supported websites. You can display blocks of each manga along with detailed info or view them in a simple and easy-to-read list.

What is more, you can group mangas with the same name on a single line, and take advantage of the calendar icon that helps you view the date when the chapter has been published.

Built-in notifier

From the drop-down menu you can effortlessly access the desired chapter with just a few mouse clicks and enjoy your manga in a new tab. On top of that, All Mangas Reader is capable to notify you when a new chapter is published on one of the followed manga webpages.

Advanced search engine

Switching to the Search Manga tab, allows you to search through all supported websites for the title of a specific manga. You can filter the results by language or by website to speed up the searching process. Once you found it you can quickly add it to your list or open it in a new tab.

Furthermore, All Mangas Reader enables you to organize your mangas in different categories, bookmark your favorite chapters and scans in order to find and access them more quicker and easier. You can even synchronize your reading list across computers and enjoy your mangas at home or at work.

Customizable interface

By accessing All Mangas Reader Options window, you can change the color of the popup window, adjust the refresh and update list time interval, change the size of the window and configure All Mangas Reader to update the chapters list every time you launch Google Chrome.

All Mangas Reader was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 9th, 2014
All Mangas Reader - From All Mangas Reader's menu you can follow updates of mangas on your favorite web site.All Mangas Reader - The Search Manga tab helps you find the desired manga on the various websites.All Mangas Reader - By accessing All Mangas Reader Options page, you can customize its aspect and behavior.

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