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A reliable and user-oriented application that makes it easy for you to securely and privately transfer and synchronize files and folders between devices

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AeroFS is a simple, clean and intuitive Mac OS X application specially designed to help you share folders and keep data synchronized across multiple computers with ease.

A trustworthy and easy-to-use file sharing application

With AeroFS’ help, you can quickly and easily share files and folders only with invited users without worrying about unauthorized access since your personal and sensitive data is not stored in the cloud unless you enable the Cloud Backup feature.

On top of that, AeroFS automatically encrypts your data end-to-end in order to ensure increased security. The data transfer is at a peer-to-peer level and, as a result, there are no middleman servers and your files and synchronized directly.

Create and share private libraries only with trusted users

Thanks to AeroFS, you can create multiple libraries that are automatically synchronized between your computers and the device of any other users that you might choose to invite. What is more, AeroFS does not impose storage limitation and the only limitation is imposed by the amount of storage space you have.

It is worth mentioning that AeroFS offers you the option to add online backup storage as part of your personal cloud. Consequently, you can use Backup Libraries that are also synchronized and backed up to AeroFS’s server. At the same time, all your data is encrypted using strong AES-256 encryption.

Furthermore, each copy of AeroFS has a 2048-bit RSA key which is capable to prevent other users to impersonate you. When to devices start to communicate, a “mutual authentication” procedure based on keys ensures the security of the communication channel.

Effortlessly manage your folders and decide what you share

AeroFS quietly runs in the background and synchronizes your data as you take care of various daily tasks. By accessing AeroFS’ status bar menu, you can accept invitations, share folders, check your recent activity and pause the sync process.

The Manage Shared Folders window enables you to handle your folders, invite new collaborators and leave shared folders with just a couple of mouse clicks.

AeroFS was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 31st, 2015

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