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An easy to install extension designed to provide a better browsing experience by automatically blocking all the annoying ads and banners.

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Adblock Plus is an open source community project designed to provide a solution for blocking the ads and banners included by various websites. These ads are designed to help webpages owners in their endeavors but, unfortunately, also claim a significant part of your resources.

Adblock Plus intends to help you conserve your Mac’s processing power by blocking the ads: simply install the Adblock Plus extension in your default web browser, and the add-on takes care of the rest.

Provides support for popular web browsers

The only way to take advantage of the Adblock Plus functions is to integrate the respective add-on with a web browser. The project provides extensions for Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explore, or Google Chrome. Moreover, you can also install the Adblock Plus on your Android device.

Once the procedure is over, when you browse the internet using any of the web browsers supported by Adblock Plus, the visited websites will not include banners, video ads, or popup windows.

Keep unobtrusive adds to support developers

Note that Adblock Plus includes and “Acceptable Ads” criteria that identifies the advertisements that are not invasive: you can leave those enables to support websites that need advertising to provide a certain service.

The extension considers as being acceptable static ads, the ones that include only text, the banners that are placed in a sensible manner so they don’t block the webpage content, and so on. Even though the “Allow non-intrusive advertising” function is enabled by default, you can easily disable it via the Adblock Plus Preferences window.

Easy to set up ad filter solution for your web browser

Adblock Plus is a great tool to have around if you do not want to spend your Mac’s resources for displaying obtrusive ads and banners: the service comes with extensions for most popular web browsers, and can be quickly integrated with your apps without too much hustle.

Adblock Plus was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
Adblock Plus - Adblock Plus provides this drop-down menu in the add-on bar, where you can access the Options or manually disable ads.Adblock Plus - These are the blockable items.Adblock Plus - This tab allows you to add new Filter subscriptions.Adblock Plus - screenshot #4Adblock Plus - screenshot #5

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