AOL Desktop for Mac

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Web browser, instant messaging and e-mail communication apps packed into an intuitive interface






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AOL Desktop is an OS X application designed from the ground up to provide its users with an all-in-one Internet experience.

AOL Desktop comes with an improved mail app, a web browser, an integrated web toolbar and all new AIM version.

The AIM messaging utility integrated within AOL Desktop is not just an AIM-compatible IM client, bu the full-featured AIM program that will make it possible for you to send files to all your buddies.

AOL Desktop also has a built-in Parental Controls Assistant, that provides its users  with a simple and quick way to add OS X user accounts with all the correct features and apps turned on.
Last updated on December 27th, 2013
AOL Desktop - From the AOL Desktop's main window, users can easily access the built-in web browser and IM client.AOL Desktop - By accessing the File menu. you will be able to quickly create a new mail message or to open a new browser window.AOL Desktop - The Mail menu of AOL Desktop enables users to easily manage their e-mail messages.AOL DesktopAOL DesktopAOL DesktopAOL DesktopAOL DesktopAOL DesktopAOL DesktopAOL Desktop

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