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A useful and effective application designed to optimize your websites and make them load much faster by improving your code and by reducing the size of your pictures

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Web Site Maestro is an application that will optimize HTML code, script code and images in order to provide a faster loading time for your website.

Developed with a simple yet well-featured user interface, it will help you optimize your website quickly and without any hassle

Web Site Maestro’s main window is organized in two main areas: on top you can see a list with the files that have been loaded for optimization, while on the bottom you can access various management and customization tools (you can access the app’s historical logs, adjust optimization related details, upload new files, and so on).

Furthermore, Web Site Maestro offers support for the following types of scripts: JavaScript, Java, CDFscript, VBscript, LassoScript, CSS, ASP, JSP, PHP, TPL, and CSP.

Comes with a very smart optimization process that doesn’t modify your original files

Also, Web Site Maestro basically organizes the process of uploading files to your website by generating a folder in which duplicate site files will be stored. Moreover, this means that Web Site Maestro is leaving your original files unaltered.

As a result, you can preserve the original website folder as a backup. Of course, you should upload on the web server the output folder generated by Web Site Maestro, since it contains the optimized version of your files.

Improves your website's loading time with just a few mouse clicks

Moreover, Web Site Maestro also reduces the images size by almost 50%, which means that your website will load faster. The good news is that the overall image quality is not affected by the optimization.

To make things easier for you, Web Site Maestro allows you to import content with a simple drag and drop, regardless if you are feeding it simple files or entire web folders.

Taking all things into consideration, Web Site Maestro is a straightforward and effective application that can optimize both your code and your images without too much trouble. Consequently, your website will load much faster and will provide a better user experience.

Web Site Maestro was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on November 13th, 2014
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