Taco HTML Edit for Mac3.0.9

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An efficient developer tool that includes HTML and PHP editing capabilities, such as code coloring, code completion, syntax checking and more






Taco HTML Edit is a Mac OS X application that assists developers in the process of creating HTML based web sites that render correctly in various browsers by including tools that generate and check HTML code and by making it easy to preview an HTML document in a web browser.

Moreover, Taco HTML Edit will also help you quickly and easily find errors in HTML code, and it can even check for spelling errors.

HTML is a language that is used to design web pages that people can view in a web browser. If you need to learn HTML, the World Wide Web Consortium has a useful guide to help you get started.

For developers that use PHP scripts for developing websites, Taco HTML Edit also includes various tools for PHP management.
Last updated on December 5th, 2014
Taco HTML Edit - In this window users can write HTML code and insert punctuation, international letters, Greek letters and more.Taco HTML Edit - From this Component Library window users can insert charts, a navigation menu and more.Taco HTML Edit - You can preview the web page with a browser from the View menu.Taco HTML Edit - From the Find menu you can use selection for find, scroll to selection and more.Taco HTML Edit - From this menu you can insert a color, a link, a meta tab and much more.Taco HTML Edit - From this menu you can add new clip or manage clips.Taco HTML Edit - From this Syntax menu users can check the tag's syntax or structure, organize tags and more.Taco HTML Edit - From this window you can set your preferences.

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