JTouch for Mac

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A powerful and open source Java HTTP browser that provides its users with a Swing GUI as well as a commandline interface, making it suitable for multiple types of users.





JTouch provides support for IBM and SUN JSSE, low level SSL configuration, authentication, cookies, and custom headers.

This a good tool for debugging proxies, web servers, and automating complex page checking.

JTouch is developed using the Java programming language and can be run on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Last updated on September 14th, 2013
JTouch - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to enter the method, host and path, as well as authentication details.JTouch - The application allows you to select the metal, Nimbus, CDE/Motif or Mac OS X PLAFS.JTouch - From the Tools menu you can access the SSL server checkup utility at any given time.JTouchJTouch

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