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A cross-platform runtime designed to help developers use once code to develop native applications for Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and other mobile devices

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Adobe AIR is a free and powerful runtime designed to enable developers to make use of their programing knowledge in order to develop and deploy rich cross-platform applications for a wide variety of operating systems.

Helps you develop mobile and web based apps and games using a cross-platform toolkit

Thanks to the Adobe AIR runtime, developers are capable of building first-class 3D and 2D games for both iOS and Android devices, as well as for most modern internet browsers.

Additionally, all games and applications created using Adobe AIR are capable of taking advantage of Direct X and OpenGL graphics for fast and smooth rendering.

Compatibility and support with a wide array of platforms and OS features

Furthermore, the Adobe AIR runtime also features support for direct system clipboard access, drag-and-drop gestures, along with global system shortcuts for a large number of operating platforms.

Unlike web applications, utilities and games designed and developed using Adobe AIR are capable of running as native applications on all operating systems that come with an Adobe AIR runtime installation, without the help of another helper app or shell.

Embed HD video support within your AIR based apps

What’s more, Adobe AIR makes it easy to implement and enjoy High Definition video support within a vast selection of multimedia based apps, with the help of multimedia codecs like AAC, H.264 and MP3.

When using Adobe Air based applications, you will also be able to benefit from high interactivity and smooth-running animations, because of their asynchronous bitmap decoding and caching, as well as the native high-resolution bitmap support.

In addition, Adobe AIR can be used by developers for creating high-performance applications with the help of its built-in garbage collection API, the texture compression support for Stage 3D, the LZMA compression APIs and many other highly useful development helping tools.

Build for multiple platforms and deploy native apps using the same codebase

All in all, once you decide to develop your app using the Adobe AIR runtime, you will be able to know beforehand that, once you get the final build, your application will be able to run as a native utility on both desktop OSs like Mac OS X and Windows, and on mobile platform such as Android and iOS, with the potential to reach hundreds of millions of potential users in no time.

Adobe AIR was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 21st, 2015
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