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A Mac OS X application which enables designers to create beam diagrams with multiple loads with configurable properties and units

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iBeams Pro is a native Mac OS X software solution that helps you design beam configurations for elaborate projects that take into account more than one load and span. iBeams Pro is the bigger brother of the iBeams application for the iPad

The application provides a wide array of tools for complex beam configurations.  iBeams Pro enables one to work naturally by drawing the beams and loads onto the app’s design pad, and then watch as iBeams Pro generates the deflection, reaction, shear and moment diagrams.

By using this simple approach, iBeams Pro distances itself from traditional design applications that require you to create models by defining nodes and elements. Furthermore, iBeams Pro makes it simple to view and configure the settings of variations, analyze beams and finish designs within minutes.

iBeams Pro’s user interface consists of an upper bar with shortcuts to the most commonly used tools, such as Roller, Pinned and Fixed actions, Point, Uniform as well as the button to start the Analysis.

The diagram area is simple and intuitive. It displays the following values: deflection, moment, shear and the beam and loads. Also included in the interface are two separate windows for managing the materials and the section properties, respectively.

Through its Preferences window, iBeams Pro offers users some extra flexibility. You are empowered to make some changes to the loads, properties as well as to choose the default (S.I. and Imperial) units for the length, force, moment, and deflection.

On the whole, the iBeams Pro app delivers a flexible environment for shear and bending moment diagram design. If you’re looking to a fast and simple solution for this type of activity, feel free to take a closer look at the application.

iBeams Pro was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on May 12th, 2015
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