Ximagic Denoiser 4.8.1

A Photoshop plug-in that provides support for image noise reduction
Ximagic Denoiser is a very useful Photoshop plug-in designed to deal with image noise reduction.

In the area of image noise reduction, there are more than one valid algorithm, it depends on the type of the image (artistic photos, medical image, etc), the noise the image has (salt & pepper noise, shot noise, Gaussian, uniform, grain etc) and the desired result (precision, artistic, descriptive, etc)

Main features:

  • Provides seven different methods for noise reduction:
  • Median (Std/Center Weighted)
  • Gauss (Std/Bilateral)
  • DWT (Overcomplete Wavelets)
  • CWT (Complex wavelets)
  • DCT (Discrete cosine)
  • NLM (Non Local Means)
  • Non-linear (anisotropic) diffusion (Curvature & Gradient)
  • Local Blurring:
  • Generally speaking, the first methods used was median and Gaussian blur, the first one is good for salt and pepper noise and the second is of more general use. Those first methods blur the image and the edges of it. Those methods can be called local blurring because it only take into account a small number of pixels near to the processed one.
  • Blurring the edges of a image is not usually accepted, and then come the bilateral filter which take into account the distance from each point to the processed one in color and position. This is probably the method more usual today.
  • Decomposition filtering:
  • Another kind of methods was based on decomposing the image and filtering it, FFT wavelets and DCT. From those methods, wavelets are actually more used. It gives a good relation between smoothing and preservation of edges.
  • Non local Means:
  • A recent method which not only reduces noise but also defects and scratches. For medium/low noise images this is the best method.
  • Nonlinear Diffusion:
  • This family of methods are based on the diffusion equation. Those methods are used mainly in the area on medical image processing. The included one is Anisotropic diffusion.

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December 11th, 2012, 2:44 GMT
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Mac OS X 10.6 or later
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Ximagic Denoiser

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What's New in version 4.8.0
  • NLM processing time decreased by 30% to 50% depending on machine characteristics. The decrease is greater (40% to 60%) in the 32 bit OSX version due to a compiler bug which affected previous versions.
  • DCT processing time decreased by 30% to 40% depending on machine characteristics.
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