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A powerful yet easy to use Mac OS X application designed to work with your scanning device in order to help you process all captured images

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Your Mac can work with most flatbed or automatic feeder scanners, but keep in mind that you also need a powerful piece of software to make the most out of what the device has to offer.

VueScan is a simple yet comprehensive OS X app that can deal with more than 2400 scanners and helps you process the captured images in no time.

Classic yet highly functional design, as well as an intuitive document scanning workflow

All of VueScan's capabilities, and even the app customization options, can be accessed through its main window, which is separated in two areas: on the right you can preview the scanned image, while the left section is reserved to the tools panels.

To get started with VueScan, simply scan the document you want to process by launching the app and pressing the “Scan” button. VueScan will communicate with your scanner and then will display the captured image in the app’s main window.

Comes with support for popular output image formats and basic image editing tools

Note that you can easily customize the result by making adjustments in the Input panel: you can choose the task you want to perform (Scan to file or Copy to printer), the image source (the scanner or a file), the scanning mode, the media type, and much more. You must press the “Advanced” button from the bottom of the main window to have access to all options.

Moreover, VueScan allows you to set up the output location, the file names, the file format (TIFF, JPEG or PDF) and must more. Noteworthy is that VueScan provides support for the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and can output editable PDFs.

Highly customizable scanning management tool

VueScan also provides support for cropping the image, can apply various filters (restore colors, restore fading, grain reduction or sharpen), or can adjust the color balance.

VueScan is a scanning utility that can communicate with a large collection of devices and is able to personalize both the input process and the output result. This way you can manage multiple photos at the same time, generate multi-page PDF documents and much more.

VueScan was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 4th, 2015
VueScan - In the Input tab you can customize task properties and preview the image.VueScan - Here you can choose the crop size, customize the preview area or disable the multicrop feature.VueScan - In the Filter tab you can restore colors, fading, grain reduction and choose if you want to sharpen the image.VueScan - screenshot #4VueScan - screenshot #5VueScan - screenshot #6VueScan - screenshot #7VueScan - screenshot #8

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