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A streamlined and affordable vector drawing application for Mac OS X featuring an intuitive GUI and both basic and advanced tools

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TouchDraw is an intuitive Mac OS X application that allows you to easily create 2D vector drawings. The app offers a straightforward user interface, basic vector graphic tools and comes with an integrated library of various shapes. In fact, TouchDraw is optimized for creating structured vector graphics, including diagrams, flow charts, graphs, logos and other models.

An advantage of working with vector graphics applications like TouchDraw is that objects can be edited individually without affecting the canvas or the objects around it. You have the freedom to regroup, recolor, move, change shape and style an object as you see fit.

The library includes all sorts of shapes, such as arrows, stars, squares and other geometrical objects that you can easily add to the projects. You are allowed to create your own library of objects for specific projects, too. However, TouchDraw provides a wide assortment of shapes in its built-in library.

Shapes vary from simple ones (arrows, squares, etc.), shapes for common networking, basic architecture, basic flowchart, basic icons and balloons plus callouts. Moreover, the library can be exported, imported or shared with your colleagues or friends.

Furthermore, TouchDraw comes with all the standard tools you would expect from a vector drawing app: layers, path tool, curves, freehand drawing, text and image insertion, shape rotation, zoom in / out, grids and rulers, alignment, line decorations and shadows.

Moreover, advanced users can work with more complex tools that allow them to compute Boolean path operations, add, intersect or subtract or exclude vectors, connect graphs. These functions help create professional diagrams, graphs or flow charts.

TouchDraw also offers flexibility in terms of supported import and export formats. You can add various bitmap images or PDF, SVG, EPS and Visio files and export projects in the WMF, EMF, Visio and SVG formats. All in all, TouchDraw offers plenty of tools and efficient workflow considering its affordable price.

TouchDraw was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on June 26th, 2015

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