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A user-friendly and powerful application that enables you to easily create stunning calendars, personalized newsletters, wall posters and QR codes

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The Print Shop is a versatile and comprehensive Mac OS X application that provides the required tools and features to create unique CD and DVD labels, calendars, bookmarks, gift bags, party hats and more.

Smart snapping and layout tools

The Print Shop helps you design your project and use various smart snapping tools like the rulers, grids and guidelines in order to obtain the desired result. What is more, The Print Shop fully integrates with numerous Apple applications and, as a result, you can import and use data from iTunes, Contacts or Contacts.

QR code generator

Thanks to the QR code maker you can print invitations, brochures or other type of content along with a custom QR code that can be scanned in order to retrieve additional information about the event. You can even create CD labels and cases featuring track names and times using data imported from iTunes.

On top of that, you can spin words and sentences using the Circle Text tools, create word pictures using the desired image and use the provided templates to design one of a kind bookmarks, gift bags, garlands, party hats or any other things you might want.

Advanced crop tools

With the help of the handy cropping tools provided by The Print Shop, you can cut holes inside graphics rather than just around the edges. If you don’t feel inspired you can use the offered quick start templates for different projects types such as calendars, crafts or newsletters.

Moreover, you can edit and transform pictures form your iPhoto library and turn them into amazing images that you can use to make flip calendars, holiday greeting cards, wall posters, envelopes posters, banners, business cards, pamphlets and more.

The Print Shop was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 31st, 2015
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