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A great way to design 2D animations.
TVP Animation Pro - The main window where you can see the project layers.
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TVP Animation Pro is the best professional solution for the creation of 2D bitmap animation!

It is nothing but the favorite tool of professionals who want the best of digital animation: an environment consisting of the traditional animation workflow combined with all the advantages of the digital world.

Because artists can now paint, animate and effect in one single application, the first significant result is that you will increase your productivity like never before.

And you will paint using a drawing engine that allows you to create any type of content. Your style won't be limited like it is when using a vector application; you're free to bring to life any kind of graphic content!

Main features:

  • Your style first! – Whether it's blue-lined sketches, scanned or imported graphics or original art made using a graphic tablet, everything can be animated using TVP Animation Pro.
  • A tool to create your art – Because it's raster based, TVP Animation won't impose any type of drawing on the artist; it's the contrary. Your style is free to go in any direction, and it's more fun like that, isn't it?
  • Digital and traditional animation? – Yes, with TVP Animation, we’re offering a program that is able to satisfy the traditional animator as well as the hobbyist or the animator student who all have different needs, but the very same love for animating.
  • Animation is timeline-based for easy handling and timing – Using a timeline to create your animation eases your work since you can easily copy/cut/paste your images or sequence and duplicate them if you need to re-use them. Animation layers work with frame instances so that timing the animation is very intuitive.
  • Animation is also XSheet based for traditional animators - Traditional animators will love the XSheet as a complement to the timeline to create animation in the traditional way! Using the XSheet view to manage the animation will also allow the artist to add written comments to his animation as well as the audio track to create a perfect lipsync!
  • Add special effects to your animation – TVP Animation Pro contains effects like the ScanCleaner FX, the ToonShading FX and the Multiplane Camera FX. Not only will the set of effects ease your work, but all of the effects are animatable! These effects will also help the artist to create complex animated effects like particles or lightings.
  • Additional Video Effects - include the RotoTracking effect for complex rotoscoping effects, Volumetric lights, 6 Keying effects to remove Green/Blue screens for easy integration (including Cross Keyer, new since version 1.5), Optical Flow, Healing (Clone tool) tracker, and 7 Transition effects.
  • Share custom contents with the TVPaint Community – Using a system of CustomPanel, every user can store, export and share his custom tools and scripts. Each user can also share papers and plugins, thanks to the TVPaint SDK which allows the user to develop new functionalities for the TVPaint applications.
  • Add sound to your projects – TVP Animation Pro also allows the user to import sound and to add it directly to his project. Supported formats are WAV and MP3.
  • Wacom tablets support - Because Wacom tablets offer the widest possibilities with a stylus, the TVPaint products fully support the Wacom products. The Size, Opacity, and Angle of your tools can be connected to the Pressure, Direction, Orientation, Speed, Altitude or even to the Rotation of your stylus if you are using the Intuos3 Art Maker pen.
  • Export and share – The application provides many possibilities to export your project, like, for example, a sequence of single pictures or a video file. You can also export your project into a sequence of PSD files if you want to work on it in a different application later.
  • Real Time Paint:
  • Real-Time Paint on 16bit depth mask, up to 32bits per layer. 

Sub-pixel accuracy ensures smooth line drawing regardless of brush speed.

Paint modes include Color, Erase, Merge, Light, Shade, Behind, Clone, Colorize, Tint, Smooth, Noise, Grain, Negative, Sharp, Emboss, Add, Sub, Multiply, Screen, Solarize, Saturate and UnSaturate.

Paint on specific channels: Red, Green, Blue or Preserve Transparency (Alpha).
  • Drawing Tools:
  • Natural media simulation tool types including Pen, Pencil, Airbrush, Oilbrush and Wetbrush.

Wide Variety of brush tools including Warp, Smears-and-Smudges (impressionist effect), etc...

Wide array of settings for customizing each brush, and control over brush attributes such as aspect, angle, ratio, drying, profile, etc...

Create static or animated brushes for painting or keyframing moving over sequence with Cut Brush tool using rectangle, polygons, freehand shapes and magic wand.

Custom brush tool allows painting with cut out images or sequences, including animatable parameters such as Loop, Ping-pong, Pressure, Direction, Speed and Random.

Resize, Rotate, Flip, Add border and Opacity mapping to a Custom brush directly without re-cutting it.

Full array of painting shapes includes: dot, freehand line, line, circle/ellipse, rectangle/square and spline.

Tool bins for all drawing tools - including custom brushes and animated brushes - allow for easy access to commonly used elements easing the workflow.

Tool attributes connection to variables such as: speed, fade, random, direction, orientation, pressure, azimuth, altitude and finger wheel.

Exclusive drying attribute to control tool's behavior when you pass over an existing stroke made with the same tool in a previous brush stroke.

Filling tools:

1. Full array of filling shapes includes: freehand fill, polygon fill, circle/ellipse fill, rectangle/square fill, spline fill and flood fill.
2. Interactive flood fill (real time feedback), including opacity and smoothing controls.
3. Dithering Tool (unlimited number of gradients).
4. Direction-length vector allows control over gradiant length and direction.
5. Gradient alpha controls.
6. Fill a shape using the current Custom Brush.
7. Brush wrapping modes include Tile, Stretch and Wrap in both directions: Horizontally and Vertically.
8. Opacity Mapping lets you vary the transparency for filled shapes and Custom Brushes. 

User-defined Guides for positioning brushes and layers.

Paper textures from any image may be applied to the canvas.
  • Animated Video Paint:
  • Instant animation of an unlimited number of video layers.

Pressure sensitive brushes, shapes and text creation for motion graphics.

Real-Time Video playback (limited only by hardware).

Direct project display and real-time paint directly live or off-line video.

Video device engine allows frame capture for stop-motion animations and frame storage. 

Incremental proxy preview - frames are cached and saved; only modified frames are re-rendered.

All elements are keyframable, including filters. 

KeyFrame controls including: Next Key, Previous Key, Create Key, Delete Key and Auto Create Key.

Anti-Aliasing Controls. 

Multiple Undo and Redo (user configurable). 

User configurable Safe Area and Field Chart.
  • Project Controls:
  • Resolution-independent projects (over 8K x 8K).

Support all standard frame rates, including NTSC drop frame. 

Full aspect control, including 16:9 and anamorphic (real WYSIWYG display).

WAV file audio support with real-time scrubbing in the preview for lip sync and graphic tuning. 

Integrated images-based file browser with real-time preview playback helps searching large projects easily.

Progressive and Interlaced scan support. 

Cut, Copy and Paste inter-project. 

Convert project resolutions, frame rates, fielding, aspect ratio and orientation from NTSC and PAL to HDTV and higher.

Navigation window for enhanced zoom control.

Dynamic (change frame rate, region and modes on the fly) and scalable (zoom and pan) preview playback directly in project window. 

Remote control panel allows timeline scrubbing and selected region playback.
  • Layering:
  • Timeline-based editing environment.

Unlimited number of 32bit-layers (video or still), with real-time alpha channel compositing.

Real-Time layering, element timing, and opacity adjustment.

Independent Layer display/hide.

Footages is loaded and available instantly (no wait time).

Copy, Cut and Paste frames as well as insert, duplicate or reverse frames in layer for frame editing.

Light table support for viewing previous or future frames in level of transparency. 

Drag-and-Drop layer and merge in any paint mode. 

Animated loop modes for layers: Once, Repeat, Ping-pong and Hold last frames. 

Adjust layer duration using time stretching (with or without interpolation), repeat modes (Loop, Ping-pong or Hold Last) and cut frames. 

Use layers as stencils for creating masks and animated masks. 

Multiple-layer selection for moving, stretching, merging or deleting. 

Timeline display with Field, Frame or Time-Code formats. 

Interactive timeline zoom.

AutoFit timeline to project, selection, keys, layer, image or sound. 

Display button in the layer panel lets you preview a single layer instantly by hiding all other layers.

Lock layers (to protect from unwanted operations).
  • Character Generation:
  • Full character generator & titling toolset.

TrueType postscript font support. 

Control over Size, XScale, Italic, Spacing, Rotation, Opacity, Outline, Smooth, Border and Glow.

Real time preview in the project window displays text at full size during creation and tweaking.

Draw with Text tool using Word or Letter mode to apply text along a path.
  • Selection:
  • Powerful array of selection tools allow creation of static and animated masks.

Full array of selection shapes for static mask including Rectangle/Square, Circle/Ellipse, Freehand Line, Spline and Magic Wand.

Selection modes include Add, Sub and Replace.

Selection tools lets you smooth, invert, copy to a Custom Brush or a layer the selected area.

Create animated masks using an unlimited number of layers as a Stencil.

Crop tool lets you select a portion of your image to cut out as a new project.
  • Image Toolkit:
  • Panning tool with Shift and Wrap mode for creating seamless image. 

Animatable lattice deformation tool for images 

Transform tool for fast resizing and picture-in-picture effect including the Fill mode to repeat the image horizontally and vertically across the work area. 

Wrapping tool to stretch and scale image or sequence at perspective by adjusting the position of the 4 corners or the vanishing points (horizon). Like the Transform tool, it includes also the Fill mode.
  • Color:
  • Color sliders working in RGB and HSL with instant preview on each slider.

6 color pickers: Hue, Luminosity, Saturation, Red, Green and Blue.

Create your own color with the color mixer, by mixing the current color with existing color. Mixer presets build-in. Store any user-defined mixers.

Color bin lets you create indexed color palette from 1 to 1024 colors that can be used to export indexed files. Palette presets build-in. Store any user-defined palette. 

Import or compute palette based on image from any files format. 

Spread feature generates a continuous range of colors between 2 colors in the palette.
  • Motion Path Manager:
  • Unified motion path control tool.

Path can be modified on X, Y and/or Z axis for easy re-use between your projects.

Average together up to 4 motion paths.

Smooth motion path to remove shakes. 

Export motion path to various 3D packages
  • KeyFramer:
  • Animate any Custom Brush or layer using the Keyframer on XYZ position, Heading Pitch Bank rotation, Width and Height stretch axis.

Apply motion along linear or spline paths.

Align-to-Path mode independently for Heading, Pitch and Bank.

Floating point Motion Blur for smooth and accurate motion effect.

Animated variables also include Motion Blur, Opacity and Noise. 

Real-Time preview in the project window when playing the sequence.

Apply Keyframed Custom Brush or layer using any paint modes.
  • Tracking:
  • Tracks can be based on RGBA, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Saturation and Luminosity channels.

Pixel track multiple layers, including a project's display.

High-Precision Sub-pixel tracking (up to 1:64).

Adaptive and simple tracking modes.
  • Auto Paint:
  • Animate handwriting or painting over sequence.

Record all pointer information such as Pressure, Azimuth, Altitude, Twist and Finger Wheel. 

Real-Time preview in the project window if animated motion by scrubbing the project.

Apply modes (Normal, Last, Size and All).
  • Keying & Color Correction:
  • Luma and Color keying.

Comprehensive color correction tools, including Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation, LUT tables, Black & White converter and Histogram for level adjustment. 

Color region-independent color channel control , including Temperature, Magenta, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Luminosity). 

Custom color-processing filter construction with the channels command line based Color Factory 2 tool.
  • Effects:
  • Extensive library of image processing plug-in effects such as Mosaic, Negative, Noise, Posterize, Solarize, Bevel, Bloom, Erode, Glow, Grain, Print look, Drop shadow, Speed.

Wide Variety of Effects generators, including Particles, Lens Flare, Lighting, and Half-Tone.

Wrapping Grid. 

Filters can be applied to layers or regions of layers over time using selection and stencil.

Fade Transition.

Extensive library of blur filters, including Center Blur (Camera Zoom/Pullout), Cubic Blur (variable edge treatment and softness), Directional Blur (Motion Blur), Gaussian Blur, Radial Blur (simulated camera bank).

Background generator.

Particles System. 

Complete 2D Lighting controls.
  • Video Tools:
  • Previews are scalable (full screen, zoom to the region of interest) during playback. New playback options include continuous loop, region selected and variable frame rates without any re-render!
  • Format Support:
  • Export Projects to any formats (different resolution/framerate/etc) on the fly. 

Support for all standard industry formats including Microsoft AVI, DEEP, Apple QuickTime®, AutoDesk FLI and FLC, CompuServe GIF, BMP, ILBM, JPEG, PCX, PNG, SGI, SUN, TGA, TIFF. 

TWAIN for scanner.

AVI DV file support.

5 different available alpha modes (Import and Export) such as Pre-Multiply and Non Pre-Multiply for better software connectivity.
  • External Devices:
  • Enhanced Print utilities for printing stills or an animation storyboard from a sequence. 

Tablets support: all pressure sensitive tablets but including pressure, tilt, angle, pen altitude, azimuth, finger wheel and Twist and ToolsID from Wacom Intuos tablets. 

Twain devices support for Scanners and Digital Cameras. TVP Animation Pro allows you to capture frames within the application with DirectShow devices.

  • Tools:
  • Sequence Conversion Tools (pulldown, de-interlace, etc...).

Video Device Overlay mode added with Alpha channel support.

New sizes for Proxy renders: Full, Half, Quarter.

Capability for the video stream from RGBA video output devices to overlay the project.
  • Optimization:
  • Fully Intel MMX SSE2 optimized (Plus multithreading and hyperthreading support for Intel chips).

Fully new MacIntel compatible (Universal Binary compliant code)

Fully Altivec compatible on PowerPC chips.

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8 Screenshots
TVP Animation Pro - You have the possibility to adjust the light table.TVP Animation Pro - The Animator panel where you can adjust the image.TVP Animation ProTVP Animation ProTVP Animation Pro - You also have the possibility to remove the exposure.TVP Animation ProTVP Animation Pro

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