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A basic but very fast TIFF visualization application for antialiased browsing of multipage 1-bit TIFF files




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TIFF Viewer is a minimalist and very easy to use little OS X application that will come in handy when you will need to quickly view and browse TIFF images available on your computer's hard drive.

Moreover, the TIFF Viewer app does not require a lot of system resources, and it allows you to view a large number of images without asking for huge amounts of memory.

TIFF Viewer makes it possible to view 1-bit TIFF images compressed in multiple formats. Furthermore, since TIFF Viewer is built using libtiff, offers support for all formats the library itself supports.

In addition, via the Page menu, TIFF Viewer also enables you to browse multipage TIFF files effortlessly, thus making it much easier to find the content you want without having to open each page separately.

Also, TIFF Viewer comes with inbuilt antialiasing support and very fast image scaling, with selectable quality. Another worth mentioning feature is the built-in zoom function designed  to make it easier to view your TIFF files in more detail.

All in all, if you need a straightforward and free tool for quickly inspecting large collections of TIFF images, the TIFF Viewer app with its small yet useful set of functions might just be the thing to help you out.
Last updated on June 23rd, 2008
TIFF ViewerTIFF Viewer

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