SnapNDrag Pro for Mac

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Simple screen grabber created to simplify the process of taking, annotating and sharing screen snapshots using only a couple of mouse clicks.





The SnapNDrag Pro app makes it possible to effortlessly take a screen snapshot with a simple mouse click and a drag gesture.

Once the screenshot has been taken, SnapNDrag Pro will automatically send it to your library, which can be extremely easily organized using folders.

Moreover, if you want to share one of your screenshots with your friends or colleagues, you just have to drag it onto the, or, if you want to, use AirDrop, Messages or social sharing websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.

As an extra bonus, SnapNDrag Pro also comes with its own built-in trash management which translates into super easy undelete screenshots that you need again.

More importantly, SnapNDrag Pro bundles an intuitive image annotation feature designed to help you rapidly add information on top of your screenshots using text and a collection of predefined elements like circles and arrows.
Last updated on June 6th, 2015
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