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A simple, clean and free add-on for OS X's standard color picker application that enables you to precisely select and identify the desired color

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Skala Color is a versatile and fully-featured extension that expands OS X’s default color picker abilities in order to help you experiment with colors and find the perfect shade for your project.

Support for numerous color coding systems helps you find colors more easier

The great thing about Skala Color is that it works with a wide variety of color codes that range from Hex, CSS RGB, Float RGBA and CSS HSLA to UIColor RGBA, NSColor CMYKA, UIColor HSVA, NSColor RGBA, CSS HSL and HSLA, NSColor HSVA and more.

The Clipboard monitor automatically picks up different color codes and helps you visualize the color

Furthermore, Skala Color is capable to automatically recognize colors copied to your Mac’s clipboard and display them as a swatch that can be easily applied with the click of a mouse button. The color is displayed next to the existing color code.

The handy color finder allows you to discover the color code of a given color

You can use the built-in search tools to find a color from a website, picture or application and move the bottom slider to switch from one color shade to another. Moreover, you can take advantage of the hue and opacity sliders to effortlessly find rough values and fine tune the color temperature with precision.

Easily switch between supported color code systems

By accessing the “Color Code” slide menu, you can choose the desired color code system. By default, Skala Color displays the HTML HEX RGB value, but you can switch to Float RGBA and HSVA, CSS RGB, RGBS, HSL or HSLA, Hex RGBA or RGB, NSColor RGBA Device, RGBA Calibrated, NSColor HSVA Device or Calibrated, NSColor CMYKA and UIColor RGBA or HSVA.

On top of that, you can view a given color in the desired color code but copy its color value in one of the above mentioned color code systems. As expected, you can make your own color palette and sort or rearrange the selected colors in the bottom toolbar.

Skala Color was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
Skala Color - Skala Color helps you to accurately select the desired color and adjust the opacity to the desired level.Skala Color - The color code slide menu helps you switch between different color coding systems.Skala Color - Thanks to the Settings drop-down menu you can copy the color value in the desired code.

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