Shade Basic 14.0.1

Model, animate and render graphics with this amazing application
Shade Basic - You will be able to use various graphic tools to create professional 3D artwork and animation.
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Shade Designer is a streamlined and powerful OS X 3D design application that works with your other graphics tools.

With ready access to Shade advanced tools, an uncluttered workspace and your imagination, you can discover what kind of digital god you are:

· Create Better 3D Characters. Character designers require Shade for the simplicity of living curves. Create breathtaking characters with natural 3D curves that are easy to modify, transform and animate.
· Build Places, Locations, Environments. Traditional polygon artists can avoid curves and use the arsenal of poly selection and transformation tools to create buildings, mechanics and levels. Render into art, export for a game.
· Render a Living World. Add effects, animated hair, smoke, flame and more, then render with the hyper-realistic Callisto renderer; add 3D audio directly into your animation in formats for traditional film or online video.
· Transform 2D Old into 3D New. Professional illustrators and designers can re-use their work to transform 2D designs into fully 3D creations. Avoid perils of complexity with an uncluttered canvas and just the palettes you need.

Main features:

  • Create professional 3D artwork and animation
  • Build more kinds of models for art, animation, games
  • Design more realistic looking characters
  • More 3D options for working with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Extend Shade with new capabilities for your projects
  • Deliver 3D movies with 3D audio, Poser integration
  • Everything in Shade Designer. You get all the features found in Shade Design, and more.
  • Easy, Sensible Workspace. Open workspace that lets you avoid interface overload, but easy access to powerful curved surface modeling and rendering tools.
  • Transformational Polygon, MetaMesh Tools.Along with curved surface modeling, add 22 polygon modeling tools for working with other content, or producing game content, MetaMesh (MetaBalls,MetaCubes, MetaCylinders, and MetaPolygons) and powerful Boolean tools.
  • Smart and Smarter Rigging, Joints and Animation.Easy to use joints (Rotator, Slider, Scale, Uni-scale, Light, Path, Morph, Ball) make transformation easy, including constrained parameter dials, bones and skinning; SmartKinematics works with Inverse Kinematics (IK) for smart, complex character and model animation.
  • Hair Salon. Based on an easy to use guide hairs system, create hair with variable shading, density, curl and more; achieve greater character expression and realism by using this complete hair creation and editing tool kit.
  • Integrated Learning Materials. 80 pages of beginner's tutorials, starting with "What are 3D Computer Graphics?", "How to Model a Horse" and the creation of a 3D animated text movie. Step beyond with 500 page user guide, Reference Guide (every interface element explained), HTML based Project Guides and a printable Quick Reference Chart of key commands
  • Advanced Surface, Material Options.Shade Standard includes a UV Mapping Editor, powerful surface (material) editor, new Fresnel Reflection (control and increase quality of light transmitting materials, such as glass,plastic, water), new Anisotropic Reflection Rendering (lighting decoration direction on reflective specular surfaces) for creating unique materials
  • More Media, Easier Management. Poser Fusion lets you host native Poser files within Shade, taking advantage of Shade's professional renderer and tool set and total environment handling.Import Illustrator files to transform 2D designs into 3D. Useful Shade Explorer gives you fast, visual preview and placement access to your models, surfaces (native Shade materials), backgrounds, images, audio and example projects
  • Extensible, Expandable Environment and SDK. Python scripting gives you the power to customize objects, lights, cameras, windows, and just about everything else that is used in Shade. On the Mac, you can also use Applescript. Programmers can build completely new plugins for Mac OS X and Windows with the Shade SDK.

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December 5th, 2013, 14:58 GMT
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168.7 MB
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e frontier Inc
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
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Intel only
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Shade Basic

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14 Screenshots
Shade Basic - Shade Basic also includes a powerful UV mapping editor.Shade Basic - You can also choose between the Vertex Blending and Classic skin type.Shade BasicShade BasicShade BasicShade BasicShade BasicShade BasicShade BasicShade BasicShade BasicShade BasicShade Basic
What's New in This Release:
  • Key features included in the first release of Version 14 include:
  • Line Offset Tool (Basic, Standard, Professional). Use a base line with offsets on one or both sides, with variable repetition values, gradients, differing angles, rounded corners and more, especially useful for designing architectural features like staircases, controling wall thicknesses and the like.
  • 3D Text Primitive (Basic, Standard, Professional). A redesigned text tool that works with both OpenType and TrueType fonts and better interactive control over text within the Shade figure window.
  • LSCM Unwrapping (Standard, Professional). Least Squares Conformal Map unwrapping is integrated into the Unwrap Editor for unwrapping arbitrary surfaces; new support also incorporates unwrapping into multiple UV islands, seams that define points of separation and using pins to control points and avoid unnecessary distortion.
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