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A reliable and very easy-to-use application specially made to take snapshots of your designs in order to help you track changes.

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Schnapps is a streamlined Mac OS X application that makes it easy for you to create time-lapse videos of your designs as you make changes and modifications.

Simple, unobtrusive and smooth-running utility for designers

It is worth mentioning that Schnapps works seamlessly with files created using Sketch or Adobe Photoshop and that it is also capable to capture changes in JPG files as well.

To use Schnapps you just have to drag and drop your file onto Schnapps’ status bar icon even before starting to work on your design.

Once loaded, Schnapps automatically detects changes every time you save your work from within the design tool of your choice.

Constantly checks for changes every time you save you work

All modifications are recorded by Schnapps with the help of multiple snapshots of your changing and evolving design.

You can use Schnapps to check previous versions of your work and decide which is the best looking design by comparing different iterations.

At the same time, Schnapps helps you check previously made modifications and changes that you have discarded and forgot about.

Easily skim through the time-lapse and preview the performed changes

Schnapps runs in your Mac’s status bar, from where you can easily access its menu and hove the mouse horizontally in order to view different versions of your work. You also have the option to add and remove files from the tracking list and pause, delete or reveal the source file in Finder via the contextual menu.

On top of that, Schnapps enables you to export the time-lapse video or animated gif and use the desire playback speed and letterbox color.

It goes without saying that Schnapps comes as a handy utility for designers that aim to improve the quality and functionality of a design. The Iterative design methodology uses a cyclic prototyping, analyzing and testing process that enables you to make essential adjustments based on all versions of your design.

Schnapps was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 21st, 2014
Schnapps - From Schnapps' status bar menu you can easily view multiple snapshots of your projects.Schnapps - Schnapps is capable to track and capture the changes you make in multiple PSD or SKETCH files.Schnapps - You have the option to hide or show the Dock icon and change the drop sound.

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