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A lightweight and very easy-to-use room, apartment and house planner that enables you to create your dream office, house or flat

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Room Arranger is a simple and intuitive Mac OS X application that makes it easy for you to plan your room, flat or office and render your plan in 3D for better visualization.

Helps you plan and visualize your house, apartment or office

Room Arranger comes with a user-oriented interface that offers quick and easy access to all the tools and features you might need to build up your project.

In addition to the built-in library of objects, Room Arranger also enables you to create your own piece of furniture.

This feature expands Room Arranger’s reach and, as a result, you can use it in other areas such as garden architecture, housing development and other related projects.

Effortlessly render the 3D version of your plan and share it with friends, family or co-workers

To render your projects, Room Arranger uses the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, and you can use the 3D model to visualize your project and share it on the web.

Thanks to the Build side panel, you can instantly start a new project, edit your walls and modify your rooms. At the same time, you have access to the built-in library and you can use the built-in search engine to search for and find the desired item.

The top toolbar helps you zoom in and out your project, make measurements, render your plan in 3D and modify the currently selected item with ease. With the help of the 3D Viewer you can visualize your entire project and even showcase your plan.

Take advantage of the built-in object library or create your own items

By accessing the Project menu, you can edit walls, modify project properties, add comments, merge projects and import or export objects. Just as easy is to add, remove, swap or change floors via the Floor menu.

You have the option to add a new object, label or line, insert areas, align and distribute items, as well as the possibility to remove undesired objects, labels and lines. Consequently, you can add, resize and reposition all sort of items, from doors and windows, tables, chairs and accessories to stairs, garden elements and appliances.

Room Arranger was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 21st, 2015
Room Arranger - From Room Arranger's main window you can easily create and edit your home projects.Room Arranger - The Project menu helps you change the project properties and edit various composing elements.Room Arranger - By accessing the Floor menu, you can easily add, remove and swap floors.Room Arranger - screenshot #4Room Arranger - screenshot #5Room Arranger - screenshot #6Room Arranger - screenshot #7

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