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A no-frills painting application specially made to help you edit exiting images or create new ones starting with a blank canvas

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Quick Paint is a straightforward Mac OS X application heavily inspired by the popular Microsoft Paint app.

Helps you draw from scratch or paint over existing images

Quick Paint comes with a user-friendly and simple interface that provides easy access to basic drawing tools similar to the ones found in Microsoft Paint.

Even Quick Paint’s design manages to reminds us of the classic painting application, a fact that might appeal to nostalgic users.

Just like the original application, Quick Paint delivers very few image editing and drawing tools that include a resizable brush, various geometric shapes, text tools, a loupe and a color picker. The Tools floating panel can be easily hidden or summoned with just a click of a button.

Instantly invert colors, adjust the canvas size or resize pictures

The top toolbar offers you the option to quickly invert colors, adjust the canvas size and hide or show the tools panel. We would have appreciated Quick Paint even more if it featured modern and more capable drawing, painting and sketching tools that could significantly ease your work.

On the bright side, Quick Paint features support for transparency for image files that support the alpha channel. Hence, you can easily load and edit PNGs and GIFs, as well as BMP, JPEG, TIFF and other files that do not support transparency.

Moreover, the minimalistic interface enables you to focus on your drawing and avoid any other distractions. On top of that, Quick Paint allows you to bring images from third-party applications via your Mac’s clipboard.

Zoom in and out, flip and crop the picture with ease

The View menu helps you zoom in, zoom out and view the image at the actual size while the Image menu enables you to flip the picture horizontally or vertically, invert colors and resize the canvas and/or the picture.

As it is, Quick Paint is a simple and lightweight painting application that delivers basic drawing tools and support for most popular image formats.

Quick Paint was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 16th, 2015
Quick Paint - From Quick Paint's main window you can paint from scratch or over an existing image.Quick Paint - Quick Paint allows you to check the current canvas size and resize ti to the desired dimension.Quick Paint - By accessing the View menu, you can zoom in or out the canvas with ease.Quick Paint - screenshot #4Quick Paint - screenshot #5Quick Paint - screenshot #6

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