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A clean and organized Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to quickly encode various types of data into QR codes.

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Sharing data via QR codes is highly efficient because it can be processed by various types of devices with minimal user interaction. QR Factory is an easy to use Mac app that enables you to quickly generate your own QR codes.

QR Factory offers you the possibility to encode text messages, email addresses, URLs, locations, phone numbers, contact details, Wi-Fi configurations, event details, or social pages addresses (Twitter and Facebook are supported).

Streamlined and intuitive workflow, suitable even for most inexperienced users

Most of the QR Factory functionalities can be accessed via the app’s main window, which is organized in two main areas: the data to be encoded on the left, and the resulting QR code on the right.

All you have to do is select the type of data you want to process, input the details, and QR Factory automatically generates a new code. The application enables you to verify the output, but also offers you the possibility to customize the code image by changing the colors, icons size, pixel roundness, and more.

Enables you to create multiple codes at the same time by using CSV files

QR Factory is able to process CSV files and quickly generate multiple QR codes at the same time: once the file is imported, you must specify the output location, and the folder that contains the source icons. To help you learn how you must organize the CSV file to work with QR Factory, the developers provide an online tutorial.

Simple and efficient solution for generating QR codes

Encoding your own QR codes is a great idea if you need to share information in a succinct manner: the images can be read by any camera enabled device, without much user interaction. QR Factory provides intuitive and powerful tools for quickly generating and personalizing your own QR codes.

QR Factory was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 13th, 2015
QR Factory - The Location tab allows you to generate professional looking location QR codes.QR Factory - The QR codes created using QR Factory can be customized by adding rounded corners, icons and gradients.QR Factory - The Verify QR Code button helps you verify if the code you created can be read by QR enabled apps.QR Factory - screenshot #4

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