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A powerful and intuitive OS X software solution that helps you design your dream house using various parameters and render it in photo-realistic detail

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Home Design Studio is an all-in-one toolkit designed to help you get a quick and comprehensive idea of how a house or garden will look like if you would use a different color scheme for the walls or different types of plants and trees to decorate your lawn or backyard.

Streamlined and simple to use utility that makes it possible to rapidly design the house you've always wanted

Moreover, Home Design Studio will not only allow you to plan and design your dream house, it can also be used to render the result and visualize how much better your house will look with a different furniture and combination of paint colors.

The Home Design Studio application also makes it as simple as possible to add new rooms to your house on paper and see how it would look with various styles of windows and doors before actually starting to build it.

What's more, you can take advantage of the built-in cost estimation tool designed to help you get an idea of how much money you will have to spend, depending on what fixtures or furniture you want to have added to a room or to your garden.

Helps you to keep your construction materials' cost down by monitoring the overall amount you spend on each supply

Home Design Studio tool will also enable you to keep a close eye on the cost of the materials used for a redecoration project; from paint to plumbing and electrics, Home Design Studio has it all covered.

Furthermore, you only need to set the cost estimation tool at the beginning of your project and it will automatically update the cost as you go along, helping you keep a close eye on your remodeling project's financial requirements while also making sure that you've tried all possible combinations to get the best out of your home.

Comprehensive and easy to use home design Mac application created to aid in drafting the house of your dreams in no time

In addition, the Home Design Studio utility makes it very simple to work on a diverse range of landscaping projects for improving your garden or recreate it from scratch. Thus, you can see if your vision of a perfect garden fits next to your house or if you should tone it down a little or change some of the details to better fit your home's overall look.

To sum it all up, Home Design Studio provides all the tools a professional or a hobbyist decorator need to get the most out of any living space and to improve look of a garden while having the option of visualizing the end result beforehand.

Home Design Studio was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
Home Design Studio - The main window where you can start creating the house plans.Home Design Studio - screenshot #2Home Design Studio - screenshot #3Home Design Studio - screenshot #4Home Design Studio - You have the possibility to set the 3D quality.Home Design Studio - The Preferences window where you can set the undo level.Home Design Studio - screenshot #7Home Design Studio - You can also set the default measurement units.Home Design Studio - screenshot #9Home Design Studio - screenshot #10

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