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An intuitive and lightweight OS X application designed to helps you rapidly build stunning iOS app prototypes from your Macintosh

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Prototypr is an easy-to-use iOS app prototyping tool for the Mac OS X platform. It provides support for iPhone and iPad apps and includes sample prototypes for each device. Moreover, the process of creating prototypes with your own resources and the Prototypr app is straightforward.

First of all, you must create mockups in Photoshop or any other graphical editor. In the second step, you import your mockups by dragging and dropping them onto the app’s main window. Afterward, you link mockups together and specify the tap areas.

In addition, the Prototypr utility enables you to send the resulting prototype to your iOS device via a Wi-Fi network. This process is really simple and requires no coding knowledge. Moreover, it might improve the way you communicate ideas and send designs to your customers or colleagues.

As far as the looks are concerned, Prototypr features a standard-looking user interface that focuses more on providing you an efficient workspace. The main window is uncluttered and the screen for setting tab areas could not be simpler.

Besides sending prototypes to your iPhone or iPad, you can also preview them on your Mac’s screen. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the design can be more easily previewed, but the tap functions cannot be tested.

In summary, Prototypr offers a simple workflow and exporting prototypes is simple. Although you cannot actually create designs, you can set up tap areas and export prototypes directly to your iOS device. If in doubt, read user reviews for the latest version before purchasing.

Prototypr was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on March 27th, 2014
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