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Powerful presentation system that offers you the possibility to add lyrics and captions to your slides in order to produce high quality live productions.

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Being able to add lyrics and captions to your presentations slides in real time has the potential to improve the quality of your live productions. ProPresenter offers you the possibility to make adjustments in real time and display the visuals on one or more screens immediately.

ProPresenter is a great tools to have around whenever you need to make presentations and have full, real time control upon the content displayed on your screens.

Manage video, audio and text content

Even though ProPresenter comes with many customization options, you should be able to find you way around the application in no time. ProPresenter allows you to create your own video and audio library, to make playlists, to create presentations templates, or to add text messages to your panels.

Most of the included tools and options are self explanatory, but to learn all you can do with ProPresenter you can read the extensive documentation provided by the developers.

Special features for religious gatherings

ProPresenter offers you the possibility purchase licensed bibles within the application, but you may also choose to use the public domain bibles which are available on the ProPresenter website.

In addition, the application can display scripture references in a separate text box during your presentations. This way, you can keep the lyrics and the scripture references separately without any special formatting.

Includes templates, transitions and more

To get you started, ProPresenter comes with a collection of templates that can be applied to your own slides and offers you the possibility to use various transition effects between them. However, the built in templates editor allows you to create your presentations from scratch in no time.

Complex media presentation solution

ProPresenter is a great tool to have around if you need to make live presentations and you want to have full control over the content projected on various screens. The application is able to deal with video and audio files, but also allows you to display text messages on the fly.

ProPresenter was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
ProPresenter - The ProPresenter main window where you can easily start new presentations, add slides, include media and text content, and then preview the resultProPresenter - The ProPresenter Slide editor offers you the possibility to quickly apply different transition effects when switching between slidesProPresenter - The ProPresenter Audio panel where you can create custom playlists by importing sound files from your local driveProPresenter - The ProPresenter Message function enables you to easily display a certain text message on screen for short periods of timeProPresenter - The ProPresenter Preferences window where you can modify the default library folder, and choose to include copyright messages in your presentationProPresenter - The Display Settings panel where you can change the default screen color, its size, and other detailsProPresenter - ProPresenter comes with predefined labels, but in the Preferences you can easily modify the tags or add your ownProPresenter - The Live Video Settings window where you can choose the audio and video input devices you want to employProPresenter - The Network function offers you the possibility to control your presentations remotelyProPresenter - The ProPresenter Sync window where you can connect to your cloud account and automatically backup your projectsProPresenter - The Services window where you can login to various social accounts to be able to share content directly from the ProPresenter appProPresenter - The ProPresenter Advanced panel where you can setup the default image and video import scale behavior, to disable the auto video playback, and moreProPresenter - The ProPresenter Modules panel displays a list of commercial plug-ins that can be used to extend the app's capabilities

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