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Traditionally adding high quality 3D animation to a video project has been a time consuming and expensive process. Further it has required a specialized set of skills to use the complex 3D animation products currently available.

Moreover, ProAnimator is a must-have OS X solution that breaks new ground by giving video editors a way to easily create stylish 3D animations in the editing suite, with familiar looking tools and methods.

ProAnimator comes in two forms: as a standalone application and as an After Effects plug-in. Both products act exactly the same, but the plug-in is integrated into Adobe After Effects, so you can do all of your authoring with After Effects.

The standalone application doesn't require a host product, so you may generate your animated movies independent of any particular target. You may even import a standalone ProAnimator scene into the ProAnimator plug-in (or vice versa) for added flexibility.

In additiuon, ProAnimator includes all of the powerful 3D content creation tools as the 3D Invigorator PRO product. It also contains a next generation animation system that can be used to quickly generate complex animations that would take hours to create in other 3D applications.
Last updated on October 11th, 2014
ProAnimator - In this window you can select the type of project that you want to create/load.ProAnimator - Here you can visualize the newly created project.ProAnimator - You can also draw objects.ProAnimator - Some object actions can be accessed here.ProAnimator - screenshot #5ProAnimator - screenshot #6

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