Poser Pro for Mac

2014 SR5.2 Commercialware    
A 3D graphics rendering application that comes with a built-in characters library, realistic physics, numerous parameters adjustments and is intended for professional designers.

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A powerful 3D graphics rendering application is an essential piece of software whenever you are working on 3D projects. Poser Pro is a comprehensive 3D rendering solution that includes tools for professional designers.

Built-in characters library and multiple fitting rooms

To get you started, Poser Pro provides access to a collection of characters that can be personalized through different editing rooms, each focused on a particular aspect: material, clothes, face and hair. the app comes with over 8GB of included content featuring the Poser 8 family characters and 9 new human and cartoon characters.

Animate your characters

Poser Pro enables you to change the pose of your figure by modifying the position of all available joints. In addition, you can import motion capture files and generate more realistic animations.

Extensive parameters controls

A large collection of editable parameters offers you the possibility to interactively adjust the physics simulation, the morphs or the deformers interaction. The morph adjustments can be used to fit the clothing to a specific figure, while the Pixar subdivision surfaces library allows the user to edit the base figure or various body parts.

Poser Pro comes with a Wardrobe Wizard that allows you to use existing garments on new figures, but the app professional tools also allow you to create new conforming clothing or to copy the morphs between figures (including full body morphs).

Other capabilities include the possibility to rearrange parameters channels, an extensive collection of weight map creation and painting tools that offer tablet support, and the possibility to extend the app’s functions by adding PoserFusion plug-ins.

Professional 3D graphics software for creating human and animal characters

Poser Pro includes all the necessary tools to generate realistic 3D characters, objects and scenes. The content included by default, such as the characters and the Pixar subdivision surfaces library, but also the professional functionalities packed within the application, make Poser Pro a veritable 3D graphics software solution.

Poser Pro was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 20th, 2015
Poser Pro - From Poser Pro 2012's main window you can view, edit and model your 3D character.

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