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An extremely easy to use image editor that provides a collection of basic tools that can be used to create beautiful pixel art projects.

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Creating beautiful pixel art is very easy if you have imagination and the appropriate tools: PikoPixel is a small drawing application focused on helping you to achieve the best results with minimal efforts.

To get started you must create a new canvas by selecting the appropriate entry in the PikoPixel file menu. Take into account that you must specify the canvas size: you can use one of the predefined size templates (small - 32x32, medium - 64x64, large - 128x128 or extra large 256x256) or you can create your own.

By default, the PikoPixel canvas comes with a grid and with a background pattern that can be easily customized via the appropriate settings panels (navigate to the Canvas menu to access them).

Moreover, PikoPixel allows you to work with multiple layers and enables you to adjust their opacity. This is extremely useful if you are looking to create more complex effects. From the PikoPixel Layer panel you can easily activate or deactivate layers, choose the one you want to work on and more.

The PikoPixel drawing tools are gathered into a separate panel, similar to other image editing applications. PikoPixel provides a pencil, an eraser, a fill tool, line / rectangle / oval drawing tools, rectangular / freehand /  magic wand selection tools, a magnifier, a move tool and a color sampler. Of course, you can also change the drawing color.

Moreover, from the PikoPixel Operation menu you can choose to nudge, flip or rotate the canvas to various degrees. What’s more, you can also resize the canvas after you started working on your project.

To sum up, PikoPixel provides basic drawing tools that will help you create pixel art. Since the app comes with a grid, background patterns and the possibility to work with multiple layers, you will be able to generate fore complex effects: your imagination is the limit.

PikoPixel was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 22nd, 2015
PikoPixel - In the PikoPixel main window you can easily draw pixel images using simple tools and multiple layers.PikoPixel - screenshot #2PikoPixel - From the PikoPixel Canvas menu you can choose to flip or rotate the canvas.PikoPixel - screenshot #4PikoPixel - In the PikoPixel Hotkey Settings window you can easily change the default keyboard shortcuts.

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