Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins for Mac

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A free software package that provides a series of legacy plug-ins, presets and extensions which have been removed from Photoshop CS5




Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins is a free collection of plug-ins, extensions and presets for Photoshop CS5 that were no longer distributed with the CS5 disk or digital download.

These additional plug-ins were previously installed with Photoshop CS4. Moreover, some of the presets and plug-ins included in this distribution have been deprecated in Photoshop.

Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins includes the following plug-ins:

· ContactSheetII
· ExtractPlus
· Picture Package
· Texture presets for Texturizer
· Layer Comps to WPG
· Web Photo Gallery
· (WebContactSheetII)
· PatternMaker PhotomergeUI

Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins also provides these legacy files:

File Formats:
· Alias
· Electricimage (OptionalMultiplugin)
· SoftImage

Optional Extensions:
· ForceVMBuffering
· DisableVMBuffering
· RememberSlowFiles
· Unlimited Clipboard Size
· Unlimited Preview Size
· DisableGetInfoComment
· DisableScratchCompress
· ForceVM Compression

Additional plug-ins:
· Overscroll Always
· Overscroll Floating Windows
· DisableDragBoundingBox
· HSBHSL (OptionalMultiplugin)

Additional information on how to use and install the plug-ins and legacy files is included inside the DMG disk image.
Last updated on May 9th, 2010
Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins - One of the plug-ins included in the package is Contact Sheet II.

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