PhiMatrix 1.618 for Mac

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A design and analysis software application that quickly overlays any image on your screen to identify or apply phi proportions in various grid styles, as well as custom user-defined ratios.





PhiMatrix allows you to unveil the beauty, harmony and balance of nature's proportions and use it for your own analysis, designs and artistic creations. PhiMatrix provides a variety of grids designed to overlay any image on your screen from any other software.

Phi proportions are found throughout life and the universe, from the dimensions of DNA, sea shells, plants, animals and the human face and body to its appearance in the stock market.

The phi relationship, 1.618:1, known as the Golden Section (also mean, proportion or ratio) and the Divine proportion, has long been used by artists, architects, designers, engineers, musicians, photographers, sculptors, surgeons and stock analysts alike to achieve excellence in their results.

The Greeks used it in designing the Parthenon.  Leonardo Da Vinci used it in creating "The Last Supper" and many of his other paintings.

Now you can use it too, quickly and easily, to analyze and better appreciate what already exists or to create and design your own masterpieces in the same proportions that give nature its beauty, harmony and balance.

A variety of standard and custom grid patterns are available, and the applications are limited only by your creativity:  Product design, graphic arts layout and design, fashion design, interior design, architecture, art, landscaping, sculpture, photo composition and cropping, stock market analysis, beauty analysis, educating students on design in nature, and much, much more.

PhiMatrix also includes a Color Palette Generator that creates a rich color palette based on golden ratio relationships from two colors you choose.
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
PhiMatrix 1.618 - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to customize controls at any given time.PhiMatrix 1.618 - In the Options tab you can change the grid footer, title, show grid settings indicators and open with the last used settings.PhiMatrix 1.618 - From the View menu you can access Phi grid, rectangles, faces, border sizes, orientation and aspect ratios.PhiMatrix 1.618 - screenshot #4PhiMatrix 1.618 - screenshot #5PhiMatrix 1.618 - screenshot #6

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