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A simple, clean and very easy-to-use Cocoa-based painting application that enables you to quickly and easily draw, sketch and edit images

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Paintbrush is a lightweight and user-oriented Mac OS X application, heavily inspired by Microsoft Paint program, that comes as a replacement for the discontinued Apple’s MacPaint.

A light and intuitive painting app for daily use

Paintbrush comes with a user-oriented interface and a small pack of painting tools that you can use to quickly draw, sketch or paint images over a white canvas or an existing picture.

From within Paintbrush’s main window you can easily open and save your work as BMP, GIF, JPEG TIFF or PNG file.

Paintbrush enables you to work with file formats that support the alpha channel and, as a result, you can add transparency or work with transparent items in your picture.

On top of that, you can copy and paste images from most Mac applications, including other image editors, text processors and other similar apps.

Use the basic drawing and painting tools to create unique images

The Tools panel offers you quick and easy access to all available tools and enables you to adjust the size and color of the currently selected brush, drawing or painting tool. Hence, you can adjust the size of your brush, erase or airbrush, line and curve thickens.

What is more, the Rectangle, Ellipse and Rounded Rectangle tools come with customizable thickness, stroke and fill color while the Text tool allows you to change the font, color and size with just a few mouse clicks.

Save your work in the desired file format

Paintbrush also features an Eyedropper and Zoom utility that you can use to zoom in or out and focus on various parts of your image. From Paintbrush’s Preferences window, you can decide the default file format for your saved work and limit the number of undos you can perform.

Paintbrush was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 2nd, 2014
Paintbrush - From Paintbrush's main window you can easily load and paint over your images.Paintbrush - The Text tool helps you insert text in your pictures with just a few keystrokes and clicks of a mouse button.Paintbrush - By accessing the Image menu, you can invert colors and adjust the image and canvas size.Paintbrush - screenshot #4Paintbrush - screenshot #5

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