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A handy and user-friendly application that enables you to transfer images from your Nikon camera and backup your pictures with ease

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Nikon Transfer is a practical and user-friendly Mac OS X application specially designed to help you transfer pictures captured with a Nikon digital camera to your hard disk.

Helps you transfer and backup your pictures

With Nikon Transfer’s help you can also backup, copy and embed information such as copyright information and thumbnails during transfer. From Nikon Transfer’s main window you can select the source path to your camera or a removable disk.

The Embedded Info tab allows you to choose the type of information you want to embed during transfer. By accessing the XMP / IPTC Preset window you can add, remove or edit an existing preset  by adding your own tags, description, contact and content information, and more.

Easily create subfolders and rename your photos during transfers

Nikon Transfer makes it easy to set the primary destination folder and adjust the settings for subfolder creation. On top of that, Nikon Transfer helps you rename your photos during transfer using user-definable renaming rules.

Thus, you can use any given name for the prefix and suffix of the file and use a sequential number, the date or the date and time of the shot to differentiate between pictures. Moreover, you can use Nikon Transfer to create a backup copy of your photos to the desired location. Just like in the case of the transfer process, you can configure Nikon Transfer to create subfolders for each transfer using a given name.

Customize Nikon Transfer’s behavior with ease

By accessing the my Picturetown tab, you can upload photo to your my Picturetown webpage with jus a couple of mouse clicks. It is worth mentioning that my Picturetown is Nikon’s online photo service that has been renamed to Nikon Image Space.

Thanks to my Picturetown’s Preferences tab, you can change the app’s behavior and make it start when a device is connected and automatically disconnect the device after transfer. On top of that, my Picturetown is able to quit or shut down your Mac once the transfer is complete.

If you no longer use or have older Nikon digital cameras or Macs, it is recommended to use View NX 2 which also includes Nikon Transfer 2.

Nikon Transfer was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 16th, 2014
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