Morpheus Photo Mixer 3.17

A powerful, intuitive and user-friendly application specially designed to help you mix faces and body parts using multiple image files

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Morpheus Photo Mixer - From Morpheus Photo Mixer's main window you need to place the morph dots on both your pictures.Morpheus Photo Mixer - The Timeline menu helps you adjust the size of the generated picture.Morpheus Photo Mixer - By accessing the Tools menu you can pan, zoom, add, select and move dots with just a few mouse clicks.Morpheus Photo MixerMorpheus Photo MixerMorpheus Photo MixerMorpheus Photo MixerMorpheus Photo Mixer
Morpheus Photo Mixer is a lightweight and easy-to-use image editing application that enables you to bring your pictures to life and create amusing and interesting pictures.

By using Morpheus Photo Mixer, you can mix up body parts and faces from two different photos in just a couple of minutes. In other words you can place a person’s head onto someone else’s body or morph different features of two different people in order to create a “new” person.

What is more, Morpheus Photo Mixer enables you to create entertaining photo mixes and share them with your friends, family and co-workers via Animania or your own website. On top of that, Morpheus Photo Mixer features an intuitive interface from which you can easily load the two pictures you want to mix.

Morpheus Photo Mixer offers you the option to create photo mixes from scratch or load a previously created mix in order to make the desired adjustments. In order to start the morphing process you first have to define any number of “morph” dots.

You need to place as many dots as you can around key features of both pictures. Hence, you have to place dots around the eyes, nose, mouth or any part of the body you wish to morph. For every dot you place on the source picture, a corresponding dot will appear on the output picture. You can adjust the placement of each “partner” dot and move them onto the key features present in the second picture.

When you are happy with your dots placement you can preview your photo mix in the Preview window. You can choose between five different draft speeds and jump from one frame to another by simply using the timeline. By accessing the File menu, you can save your layout and render your picture using the pre-defined keyboard shortcuts.

In conclusion, Morpheus Photo Mixer is an interesting composing application that enables you to have fun while morphing various faces and body parts.

Morpheus Photo Mixer was reviewed by , last updated on January 4th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X (Universal Binary)

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